John Radzilowski

Bells across the prairie: 125 years of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, New Ulm, Minnesota by John Radzilowski.  Out of Print--Limited Availability.  New Ulm Cathedral of the Holy Trinity: 1995

The Eagle and the Cross: A History of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, 1873-2000 by John Radzilowski.  Hardback.  East European Monographs: 2003

Minnesota (37K) Minnesota, part of the On the Road Histories series, by John Radzilowski.  Paperback.  Interlink: November 30, 2005

New College on the Prairie: The First Twenty-Five Years of Southwest State University by Joseph Anthony Amato and John Radzilowski.  Hardcover.  Crossing Press: October 1, 1991

One community, one church, two towns: The Poles of southwestern Minnesota, 1882-1905, historical essays on rural life, by John Radzilowski.  Out of Print--Limited Availability.  Southwest State University: 1991

Out on the Wind: Poles and Danes in Lincoln County, Minnesota, 1880-1905 by John Radzilowski and Jennifer Mahal.  Paperback.  Crossing Press: November 1, 1992

Polish-Immigrants-1890-1920 (45K) Polish Immigrants, 1890-1920 (Blue Earth Books: Coming to America) by Rosemary Wallner, John Radzilowski (Contributor).  Library Binding.  Leopolis Press: 2003

Poland's Transformation: A Work in Progress compiled and edited by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, John Radzilowski and Dariusz Tolczyk.  Paperback.  Leopolis Press: 2003

Poles-in-Minnesota (47K) Poles in Minnesota (part of the People of Minnesota series) by John Radzilowski, with foreword by Bill Holm.  Paperback.  Minnesota Historical Society Press: 2005

Prairie town: A history of Marshall, Minnesota, 1872-1997 by John Radzilowski.  Lyon County Historical Society: 1997

A Travellers History of Poland A Traveller's History of Poland, by John Radzilowski.  Paperback.  Interlink: October 15, 2006

Poland is a major European country with over 38 million inhabitants and a land area comparable to Spain.  It has played a major role in European history but its subjugation by foreign powers in the nineteenth century and during the Cold War eclipsed Poland in the minds of many in Western Europe and the United States.  Throughout its long and diverse history, it has been a meeting place of many cultures and has given the world the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz, the music of Chopin, and the scientific discoveries of Copernicus and Marie Curie, to name but a few.

In "A Traveller's History of Poland," John Radzilowski vividly describes the beginnings of the country, first fragmented then reborn to overcome the aggression of the Teutonic Knights and its greedy neighbors.  Poland enjoyed a Golden Age in the fifteen and sixteenth centuries, but a gradual decline then led to Poland losing its autonomy despite winning many battles with its army's legendary military skill and gallantry.  Yet the spirit of the country and its people lived on.  Since the horrors of the Second World War and Soviet control, Poland has gradually regained its rightful place in Europe, joining NATO in 1989 and in May 2004, the EU.  It is playing a new role on the European and international stage.  This makes now an ideal time to introduce students and travellers to Poland and its complex history through the pages of this Traveller's History.

The book includes a full chronology, a list of monarchs and rulers, a gazetteer, historical maps and is fully illustrated.

John Radzilowski is a writer and historian.  He received his Ph.D. in history in 1999 with a specialization in East European History.  He has written and spoken widely on Polish history and current affairs.  He is the author or co-author of several books on Polish themes, including: Poland's Transformation, Spanish Carlism and Polish Nationalism, The Eagle and the Cross: A History of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America.  His articles have appeared in both Polish and English periodicals and reference works.  In 1998 he received the Cavalier's Cross of the Order of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland.

John Radzilowski is also a senior fellow at Piast Institute: A National Center for Polish and Polish American Affairs and president of the Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota.  He lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Series Editor Professor Denis Judd is a graduate of Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Professor of History at the London Metropolitan University.  He has published over 20 books including the biographies of Joseph Chamberlain, Prince Philip, George VI, historical and military subjects, stories for children and two novels.  He has reviewed and written extensively in the national press and in journals and is an advisor to the BBC History Magazine.

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