PolOrg Initiative for Polish Washington

The PolOrg project develops efficient, free public relations tools for friends of Poland in the Washington metropolitan area.

In order to get an idea of what's already accomplished, please click on the PolOrg.com icon below to familiarize yourself with the new Web site (be sure to select the Washington DC metro regional information), but then please come back to this page for more details.

The PolOrg project brings the following benefits to everyone who supports Polish culture and Polish interests in Washington and the vicinities:

The project started in early 2003.  Considering that most tasks in the project are performed by community volunteers from a number of groups, the project's initial implementation will take months.

If you represent a Washington-based Polish group and wish to update your group's information on the PolOrg portal, please contact Marcin Zmudzki at marcin@zmudzki.net or (202) 234-7045.