Polish / American / Jewish Alliance for Youth Action, Inc. (PAJA)

What Is PAJA?

A grass-roots initiative started by several American Poles and American Jews from the Washington metropolitan area.  PAJA promotes managed activities for Jewish and Polish youths.  During these activities, high school and college students discuss what they think of each other, dispel a few myths and learn more about each other's cultures.

After organizing a successful workshop for Polish and Jewish young people in Washington, PAJA president Dennis Misler (a Jewish American) launched several successful PAJA programs in Poland.

PAJA's current activities include:

Dennis Misler spends more time in Poland than in America these days.

For more information, please visit PAJA's Poland-based Web site at http://www.pajayouth.org or look for news about PAJA events and activities on http://www.polorg.com/dc .  The Polish Global Village announcement list also publishes news and information about PAJA's activities and events.  You can subscribe to the Polish Global Village list by sending an e-mail to polish-global-village-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .  You can also contact PAJA President Dennis Misler directly at dennis.misler@pajayouth.org .