Washingtonian NGOs and Poland


Is there an American city with a higher number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) per capita than Washington, D.C.?  I doubt it.  Some people call them private voluntary organizations or PVOs.  Maybe there is a difference between an NGO and a PVO, you tell me.  Sometimes these institutions are fully funded by a government.  Sometimes they are funded by a number of governments.  Sometimes they receive no government money at all.  In many cases, they receive money from a combination of sources.  For example, private universities are NGOs.  Some NGOs are called five-o-one-see-threes — 501 (c) 3s — meaning they serve noble causes and if you give them money, you can write your donation off your taxable income, if you have any.  501 (c) 3s are above greed; they are also known as "not-for-profits."

Poland-related NGOs

There are plenty Poland-related NGOs in the Washington metropolitan area.  This list will never be complete.  These are just examples.  When you click on the links below, search for Poland.